For Propane/LPG: This double-sided laminated operating procedures card is intended to be carried with your hazardous materials shipping paper to provide written emergency discharge control procedures for delivery operations as specified in §177.840(l) - Operating procedure.

Regulations Reference: §177.840(l) - Operating procedure. Each operator of a cargo tank motor vehicle that is subject to the emergency discharge control requirements in §173.315(n) of Part 173 must carry on or within the cargo tank motor vehicle written emergency discharge control procedures for all delivery operations. The procedures must describe the cargo tank motor vehicle's emergency discharge control features and, for a passive shut-down capability, the parameters within which they are designed to function. The procedures must describe the process to be followed if a facility-provided hose is used for unloading when the cargo tank motor vehicle has a specially equipped delivery hose assembly to meet the requirements of §173.315(n)(2) of Part 173.

As the motor carrier, it is your responsibility to determine that the information specified on this card appropriately describes operating procedures based on your specific equipment and the emergency discharge control features of your cargo tank motor vehicles.

177.840(l) Emergency Discharge Control Procedures Card (for Propane/LPG)

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