Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Document System


DOT Compliance:


As required by §172.604(a)(2), the person or company who is registered with an emergency response telephone number provider for DOT compliance, must ensure that the agency or organization has received current information on the hazardous material before it is offered for transportation.


If you are registered with PERS for authorized use of our emergency response telephone number, our online document  system is provided as part of your annual coverage. This FREE component within your online account allows you to easily manage your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documents to assure PERS has the required information for the hazardous materials you ship or transport.

Association of SDS to Descriptions on Shipping Papers


In accordance with §172.201(a)(4)A shipping paper may contain additional information concerning the material provided the information is not inconsistent with the required description. Unless otherwise permitted or required by this subpart, additional information must be placed after the basic description required by §172.202(a).


Entering the trade name, product number and/or SDS number in an appropriate manner after each required shipping description on your HM shipping paper will help facilitate prompt access to the correct properly named SDS document within your account in the event of an emergency. It is the responsibility of the Registrant to assure SDS documents are appropriately named and additional information is included on shipping papers, as necessary, to allow PERS to associate the correct SDS document to the hazardous material being shipped.


Online Access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS's):


If your company does not ship or transport hazardous materials subject to the HMR, but you are looking for a cost-effective SDS document management system, then you've come to the right place. For a low annual fee, you can post and manage your SDS documents for the chemicals in your workplace. You can provide a single company-wide user name and password to employees for online access to your posted SDS documents and chemical list. Employees can view, print, and download your SDS documents, 24/7. Contact us for more information and pricing.


The following links provide useful OSHA resource information and interpretation on electronic access to SDS's:


Easily Manage Your Safey Documents:


It's easy to manage your SDS documents within your PERS online account. Our document management system is simple and straight forward. Just browse to the document(s) you want to add, select the document(s), and then click the Add button.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System