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Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium


Motor carriers and drivers are responsible for meeting all applicable requirements and procedures of Part 40 and Part 382 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing - which applies to every person subject to the CDL requirements, and to all employers of such persons, who operate commercial motor vehicles in commerce in any state. These regulations are designed to help prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or use of controlled substances by drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

PERS DATA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Administration) is a consortium/third

party administrator (C/TPA) that provides drug and alcohol testing services

for DOT-regulated employers. Our consortium is made up of drivers of many

companies joined together to form a combined DOT random testing pool. The program also provides other types of testing required by DOT, such as pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident.


Random selections are done on a bi-monthly basis in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier regulations. The minimum annual percentage rate for random controlled substances testing is 50 percent. The annual percentage rate for random alcohol testing is 10 percent. 


Our services include confidential random selection and notification, MRO services, and company policy development. Confidential drug and alcohol records are maintained at PERS to meet the Federal record keeping requirements. Types of testing include: random selection, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing.


We also offer random testing pools for drug-free workplace programs for non-regulated employees. To learn more about our drug and alcohol services, visit the DATA website or call for assistance: 1-800-728-2482.





Resources for Employers and Drivers:


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