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Hazmat Employee Training Workbooks


Do you have concerns that your hazmat training does not meet the USDOT training requirements … or it’s not as effective as it should be?


Most companies struggle with providing meaningful hazmat employee training that meets the DOT training requirements. Many companies address hazmat employee training in a way that does not fully comply with the DOT regulations. Some companies are not addressing hazmat employee training at all.


New hazmat employees must be trained within 90 days of hire.

Existing hazmat employees must receive recurrent training at

least once every three years (49 CFR §172.704). Some hazmat

employers are under the false impression that the commercial

driver’s license and hazmat endorsements satisfy the DOT

training requirements. However, they do not.


Over 30% of all fines levied by DOT are violations where

companies fail or fall short in their efforts to comply with the

hazmat employee training requirements. Our Hazmat Employee

Workbooks offer ease of use at a cost you can afford and you

don't have to spend your valuable time struggling to develop

a training program.


Once the training workbook is completed, simply retain it in the employee’s training file.

The record and certification of training is printed directly on the back cover, allowing the workbook itself to serve as your record and proof of training and testing.


  • Easy to use format

  • Binding allows workbook to lay flat during training

  • Each chapter has a test on the subject matter covered

  • Required Record and Certification document is bound as part of the workbook

Visit our catalog to view the 8 industry specific workbooks we offer. 


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