Why choose PERS?

The PERS response center is staffed 24-hours a day with qualified technicians ready to provide emergency response and incident mitigation information to first responders, state or federal agencies responding to or investigating an incident, common carriers, and others.

When you choose PERS as your Emergency Response Telephone number provider you will receive valuable benefits including: personalized service, regulatory support and hazmat incident support.

With PERS, there are no additional or hidden fees.

No surprises, just exceptional service and support. Guaranteed!  

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Benefits of Choosing PERS

No per incident or hidden fees!


With PERS, you get more than just a

24-hour emergency response telephone number; You’ll benefit from having a resource that provides prompt and accurate answers to your technical and regulatory questions.

 These benefits, and more, are provided at a cost much less than other emergency number providers.

Personal Service

Personal service has always been a top priority at PERS. It is part of our ongoing philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction. You will never get lost in a maze of telephone automation; People answer our phones, not machines. At PERS, you can expect nothing less than professional personal service, every time.

We understand the challenges and complexity of conducting business within the parameters of a heavily regulated industry.  Accessing the most current regulatory information  is just a phone call away. In the event of a hazardous materials incident  From start to finish, we will provide the detailed guidance and assistance

you’ll need to assure compliance

Regulatory Support