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Forms Library - FMCSA Recordkeeping


It is the responsibility of hazmat shippers and carriers to know and comply with all applicable Federal and State motor carrier safety and hazardous materials regulations. Offerors and transporters must demonstrate compliance by adhering to specific recordkeeping requirements.


Persons who drive commercial motor vehicles are subject to specific qualification requirements and responsibilities. Motor carriers have specific duties with respect to the qualification of their drivers and must not allow unqualified drivers to operate CMV's. Required documents must be maintained in a Driver Qualification File for each driver.


Every motor carrier must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all commercial motor vehicles under its control and maintain records to demonstrate compliance, including identifying information for each vehicle and a schedule of inspections to be performed. Continuing qualification and maintenance of packagings is also required with specific recordkeeping requirments.


The following forms were extracted from FMCSA's guide entitled, "A Motor Carrier's Guide to Improving Highway Safety", except the Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record: 



Accident Register


Driver Qualification 


Driver Qualification File Checklist

Part 391 Qualification of Drivers - Summary with Forms

Driver Application for Employment

Annual Review of Driving Record

Certificate of Driver's Road Test - Option 1

Certificate of Driver's Road Test - Option 2

Driver Correction Request - Erroneous Safety Performance History Information

Driver Rebuttal - Safety Performance History Information

Driver Records Request for Safety Performance History

Driver's Certification of Traffic Violations

Inquiry to State Agency for Driving Record of Driver

Medical Examination Report Form (Form MCSA-5875)

Medical Examier's Certificate (Form MCSA-5876)

Safety Performance History Records Request

Multiple-Emplyers Drivers

Entry-Level Driver Training Certificate



Hours of Service of Drivers


Driver's Time Record - 100 Air-Mile Driver

Driver's Record of Duty Status

Summary of Hours Worked and Hours Available

HOS Record for First Time or Intermittent Drivers

Letter of Off-Duty Authorization



Vehicle Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance


Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report

Inspection Repair and Maintenance Record

Vehicle Service Due - Status Report

Annual Inspector Qualification Certification

Annual Vehicle Inspection Report

Levels of Inspection - Fact Sheet

North American Standard Inspection Procedure

Brake Inspector Qualifications Certification

Brake Adjustment Warning - Fact Sheet



Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion


Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record

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