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Security Plan Compliance Package


Title 49, Part 172, Subpart I, §172.800 and §172.802 prescribe requirements for development and implementation of plans to address security risks related to the transportation of hazardous materials in commerce. 


Our Security Plan Compliance Package is intended for companies subject to the security plan requirements. If you offer or transport one or more of the following hazardous materials in a "large bulk quantity", you are required to have a security plan in place:


  • Gasoline

  • Ethanol

  • Gasoline and Ethanol Mixtures

  • Other Class 3 Flammable Liquids in Packing Group I or II

  • Propane / LPG

  • Anhydrous ammonia

  • Oxygen



















For the purpose of the security plan regulations, a large bulk quantity is defined as a quantity greater than 792 gallons for liquids and gases (or 6,614 pounds for solids) in a single packaging such as a cargo tank motor vehicle, portable tank, tank car, or other bulk container.


In addition to the materials listed above, there are other hazardous materials that are subject to the security plan requirements when offered or transported in any quantity, a quantity requiring placarding, or a large bulk quantity.

A complete list of all materials subject to the security plan requirements is located in §172.800(b).



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Security Plan Applicability Assessment


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Hazardous Materials Transportation Security Requirements Brochure

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Security Plan Package
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