Find out why more and more companies are choosing PERS as their Emergency Response Telephone Number service and DOT Compliance resource!



Personal service has always been a top priority at PERS. It is part of our ongoing philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction. You will never get lost in a maze of telephone automation. People answer our phones, not machines.


Does your current emergency response telephone number service provide you with a regulatory compliance specialist? Do you know their name? Whether you need an emergency response telephone number or a drug testing program for DOT compliance; or you're looking for an easy to use document management system toward OSHA compliance, you'll know just who to contact for the assistance you need; and you can expect nothing less than professional personal service, every time.

Emergency Response Telephone Number

Emergency Response Telephone Number


In the event of a hazardous materials incident, you're going to be busy. Depending on the incident, there may be specific state and Federal reporting requirements that must be promptly addressed; and you may need to locate other resources in the event of a spill. PERS is staffed 24-hours a day to help facilitate your response to an incident. 

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

SDS Fulfillment & Management

Our SDS Fulfillment & Management service makes it easy to ensure your employees have information on the hazardous materials used in the workplace. Our system is perfectly suited for any type of employer looking for a solution that provides 24/7 online access to their OSHA required safety data sheets (SDS's).


Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Drug & Alcohol Testing Contortium


PERS DATA is a Consortium, Third-Party Administrator (C-TPA), for controlled substances use and alcohol misuse and testing. Our program helps carriers subject to the USDOT drug and alcohol regulations (49 CFR, Part 382) combat the high cost and confusion associated with compliance. Our program is cost-effective and easy to use.

Answering Service

Answering Service


Unlike general answering services, which handle calls for many different types of businesses; our answering service, Answer After-Hours, offers specialized phone coverage solutions for specific industries, including propane marketers, home heating oil companies, environmental cleanup contractors, and more.